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Welcome to The Great Life Redesign Project Blog

Thanks for dropping by.  There's no doubt that 'times are tough'.  The economy is struggling, consumer confidence is dropping, everyone is 'time poor' – in fact it seems like many of us are struggling to overcome the pressures of 21st century living.

Yet, there are also those who are achieving great things, in spite of the doom and gloom. So, let's talk about everything that makes your 21st century life suck or great!  Whether it's lamenting your lack of time or celebrating an amazing achievement, I want to hear about it.

Where Ordinary People achieve Extraordinary Things

I love to hear and share inspiring Life Redesign Success stories of people who have broken free from the 21st century treadmill.  If you've kissed the rat race good-bye, beaten the Burnout Blues and are doing what you love, in a place you love, with those you love – I'd love to hear from you.

Who do you know who has achieved something extraordinary?

We all know someone we admire who has stepped outside their comfort zone to achieve something extraordinary.  If you believe their story is inspirationa. please share it in the Comments below.  Who was it (name is optional) what's their relationship to you (eg brother, friend etc) what did they achieve, why and how they did it and what it was that made it so extraordinary.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

mid-life career change, pursuing a cause, achieving success against the odds, moving to a foreign country, getting out of debt once and for all, quitting a destructive habit, breaking a record, turning your life around, recovering from a major illness or a defining moment that changed your life forever …

Extraordinary is however you define it to be.

I look forward to hearing your story :-).

Carpe diem.

Caroline Cameron