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S is for SUPPORT

S is for SUPPORT_26 top tips to change your life

No man is an island and we all need trusted allies to help us be the best we can be.

Your support crew will pick you up when you fall and cheer when you succeed.

Choose your support crew carefully and be willing to change it as you change and grow.


Need to spring clean your friendships?  The Great Life Redesign will help identify the support crew you need to succeed

Carpe diem

Caroline Cameron


R is for REPAIRS & RENOVATIONS_26 top tips to change your life

Simple repairs and minor renos will make you feel instantly better.

Walk through your Life House and discover which rooms need a fresh coat of paint.


The first step is knowing where or how to start.   The Great Life Redesign will help you decide.

Carpe diem

Caroline Cameron


Q is for QUESTIONS_26 top tips to change your life

The Swiss Army Knife of life!

Questions are to choice what electricity is to a power tool.

Choose the best question to unlock the best answer to whatever it is you’re grappling with.


Not sure what questions to ask?   The Great Life Redesign features the best questions to take you from stuck to successful.

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Caroline Cameron

P is for PURPOSE

P is for PURPOSE_26 top tips to change your life

Your very own reason for being!

Knowing it provides a compass for life.

Discovering your potential fuels your ability to make your life really count.

What legacy are you creating, what do you want to be remembered for?


Your purpose is way easier to figure out than you may think!  The Great Life Redesign will show you how.

Carpe diem

Caroline Cameron