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C is for CHOICE

C is for Choice_26 top tips to change your life

The ultimate fear fighter and liberator.

You have far more choice than you realise!

Weigh up your options, choose carefully, step outside your comfort zone and take calm, confident action.


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Carpe diem

Caroline Cameron

B is for BREAK FREE!


The most exciting option for opening new doors

Decide what’s within your control and change what’s not working.

Break Free takes the most effort but reaps the greatest reward.


Breaking Free to do what you really want is simpler than you think.  The Great Life Redesign will show you how.

Carpe diem

Caroline Cameron


A - Z of Life Redesign

If your attitude sucks, so will your results!

What you believe is totally true, 100% of the time so choose your attitude carefully.

Taking action is the only way to make change happen.

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Carpe diem

Caroline Cameron

Inspiration to get you MOVING!

Need a focus & motivation boost?

Already drowning in ‘too much to do, too little time‘ syndrome?

We all start the year with great intentions about what we’re going to achieve and changes we’re going to make which is great.

But… often by the middle of January our focus and commitment is starting to wane.

Back to work, family commitments and other distractions start to get in the way.  The overwhelm fueling tsunami of advice about ‘how to keep your New Year’s Resolutions’ doesn’t help either.

Before you know it, your dreams and aspirations have been shelved for another year.  Or maybe, when you’ve got more time.

While understandable, the good news is that you don’t need to get to the end of another year filled with guilt and regret about the changes you didn’t make!

The secret to achieving your goals is FOCUS.

Focus helps you stay the course, no matter what else crops up in your life along the way.  It fuels your motivation to break goals down into simple steps; engage an accountability buddy (someone who’ll hold you to your commitments) and do whatever it takes to make the change successfully.

A new, weekly motivator for the next 26 weeks!

To help you stay focused and motivated I’m going to post the A – Z of Life Redesign“What’s that?”, I hear you ask!

Over the summer I’ve had fun gathering 26 top tips gathering the most important things to think, have and do when you’re changing your life.

Because I know you’re time poor, I’ll post a new one each week to keep you on track. You can subscribe to receive a fresh boost of focus and motivation for the next 26 weeks!

If you want to learn more about each one, grab a copy of The Great Life Redesign.

I hope you enjoy them, would love to hear your thoughts and wish you all the best with whatever change you make this year.


Carpe diem!

Caroline Cameron